The Ultimate Guide to Pharmacy Tech Programs: Everything You Need To Know

Are you ready to step into a dynamic career that's shaping the future of healthcare?

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, pharmacy tech programs like the one at Accelerated Academy have become a pivotal gateway to a fulfilling career. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a promising trajectory, projecting a 6% growth in employment of pharmacy technicians from 2022 to 2032 — outpacing the average growth rate across all occupations.

If you're a prospective student venturing into this field, this guide will provide valuable insights into the world of pharmacy tech programs.

Understanding the Role of a Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician plays an essential role in various medical environments, collaborating closely with pharmacists at hospitals, drugstores, and grocery stores to ensure the accurate preparation and distribution of medications to patients.

Their responsibilities include a wide range of tasks, including:

- Reviewing prescription orders to verify accuracy and completeness

- Handling prescription preparation, which involves retrieving, counting, pouring, weighing, measuring, and occasionally mixing medications

- Conducting necessary calculations to ensure precise dosages

- Engaging in medication reconciliation procedures

- Contributing to the management of investigational drug studies

- Utilizing technology to maintain precise patient records, package medications, and place orders

These responsibilities define pharmacy technicians' invaluable role in delivering safe and effective healthcare to individuals, making them integral members of the healthcare team.

Pharmacy Tech Program: Course Curriculum and Subjects Covered

The course curriculum for pharmacy tech programs includes a variety of subjects, providing comprehensive insights into the world of pharmacy.

What will you learn?

- Dosage Calculations: Understanding the science and art of calculating precise dosages is fundamental for pharmacy technicians. This includes dosage calculations for various medications based on patient needs and prescriptions.

- Drug Classifications and Top 200 Drugs: Familiarity with drug classifications and the top 200 drugs in the pharmaceutical world is crucial. You'll learn these drugs' mechanisms, uses, and side effects.

- IV Flow Rates and Sterile Compounding: Handling intravenous medications requires precision. You'll learn to accurately calculate and administer IV flow rates and engage in sterile compounding, a critical skill for preparing sterile medications.

- Dose Conversions and Aseptic Technique: Converting dosages and maintaining aseptic technique while handling medications is vital to ensure patient safety and the effectiveness of treatments.

- Handling Sterile Products and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN): Mastery over handling sterile products and understanding total parenteral nutrition is pivotal for your role in pharmacy operations.

- Dispensing of Prescriptions: You'll grasp the process of accurately dispensing prescriptions, ensuring that patients receive the correct medications and dosages.

- Inventory Control and Billing and Reimbursement: Efficient management of inventory and understanding billing and reimbursement processes are essential components of a pharmacy technician's responsibilities.

Key topics in the curriculum

By the end of the program, you will have acquired proficiency in a range of vital topics that pharmacists deem essential for every pharmacy technician.

Here are some of the main topics covered in our online program:

- Pharmacy Law and Ethics: Understand the legal and ethical framework that governs pharmacy practice, ensuring compliance and ethical conduct in your role.

- Dosage Forms and Routes of Administration: Gain insights into various dosage forms and the different routes to administering medications.

- Medical Terminology and Abbreviations: Build a strong foundation in medical terminology and abbreviations to effectively communicate within the healthcare setting.

- Basic Pharmacology: Learn the basics of pharmacology, understanding the properties and effects of drugs.

- Drug Names and Prescription Interpretation: Learn to interpret prescriptions accurately and understand the nomenclature of drugs.

- Pharmacy Calculations: Hone your skills in pharmacy calculations, a critical aspect of your day-to-day responsibilities.

- Institutional and Community Pharmacy: Understand the dynamics and operations of both institutional and community pharmacies.

- Assisting a Pharmacist: Learn how to effectively support and assist pharmacists in their roles, ensuring seamless workflow and patient care.

Pharmacy Tech Job Opportunities and Growth

A booming healthcare sector means pharmacy tech jobs are more in demand than ever.

The number of pharmacy technician jobs in 2022 was estimated to be 459,600. Looking ahead, the job outlook for pharmacy technicians from 2022 to 2032 is promising, with a projected growth rate of 6%, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

This growth translates to an estimated 25,900 new job openings during this period.

Why Choose Accelerated Academy?

If you're considering a career as a pharmacy technician, choosing the right educational institution is an important decision. At Accelerated Academy, we prioritize providing an accessible learning experience for each student on their path to success.

We firmly believe that personal and financial constraints should never hinder your educational aspirations. That's why we offer:

- Personalized instruction from licensed professionals

- 10-week self-paced courses

- Interest-free payment plans

- Pay-as-you-go payment options

We empower you to strike a balance between your educational goals and other commitments in your life. To learn more about our pharmacy tech program and how you can kickstart your career, contact us today.