How to Become a Certified Pharmacy Technician in Mississippi

Achieving licensure as a pharmacy technician in Mississippi is a gateway to numerous opportunities in the healthcare sector.

In fact, the Mississippi State Board of Pharmacy requires aspiring pharmacy technicians to obtain licensure before they can even step foot in a pharmaceutical setting.

But what exactly does licensure entail? Who regulates these licenses? Do you need to pass an exam, like the Mississippi PTCB certification exam?

If you're interested in becoming a practicing pharmacy tech, here's what to know about getting licensed in the Magnolia State.

What Is a Licensed Pharmacy Technician?

In Mississippi, a licensed pharmacy technician is someone who has met all state licensure prerequisites, obtained registration from the Board of Pharmacy, and is ready to practice in a healthcare setting. These professionals differ from certified pharmacy techs, who have passed a nationally accredited exam like those from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) or the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

Despite their differences, both types of technicians largely perform the same routine duties, working in retail pharmacies, hospitals, mail-order pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare environments. They are typically responsible for assisting pharmacists, performing tasks such as:

- Preparing and dispensing medications

- Providing exceptional customer service

- Managing inventory

- Processing insurance claims

- Compounding medication

- Maintaining patient records

Pharmacy technicians are one of the many backbones of Mississippi healthcare. But becoming licensed and practicing is more than just knowing your way around a pharmacy setting.

Mississippi State Requirements to Become a Pharmacy Tech

To be eligible for pharmacy technician licensure in Mississippi, all candidates must:

- Be 18 years or older

- Hold a high school diploma or GED

- Undergo a background check, with fingerprinting

- Include a recent (within the past six months) passport-quality photo

- Have a thorough understanding of Mississippi legislation and safe pharmacy tech operations

- Submit the Pharmacy Technician Registration Application requesting registration with the Mississippi State Board of Pharmacy

- Pay the $50 non-refundable registration fee and $40 criminal background check fee

The Board of Pharmacy does not require formal training to obtain your pharmacy tech license. However, it's incredibly beneficial to attend either university and college programs or a pharmacy tech school to get a comprehensive, hands-on look into the industry.

These courses also tend to provide Mississippi PTCB certification exam prep, which could help if you're interested in going for your certification, too.

Do I Need Certification to Practice as a Pharmacy Tech in Mississippi?

Mississippi's Board of Pharmacy no longer requires pharmacy technicians to become nationally certified. However, some employers may still prefer or require it, so it never hurts to give nationally accredited certification exams a try. These exams cover the most fundamental aspects of pharmacy tech, from medication abbreviations to basic ethical practices, and will inevitably help you demonstrate your proficiency to future employers.

Maintaining Your Mississippi Pharmacy Tech License

Registering for your Mississippi pharmacy tech license is only half the battle. Once registered, you'll need to do the work to maintain your license, and this includes renewing it every year.

According to the MS Board of Pharmacy, pharmacy tech licenses must be renewed annually before the deadline, with registration rolling from April 1 to March 31. Registrations not renewed before March 31 will become void, meaning the pharmacy technician will not be permitted to perform duties in medication dispensing or storage areas.

All registrations, from the initial one to your renewals, can be made on the Board of Pharmacy's Licensure Gateway portal.

Mississippi Pharmacy Tech License FAQs

How much does a pharmacy tech make in Mississippi?

2023 data from Indeed reports the average salary for pharmacy technicians in Mississippi is $16.14. However, this figure varies based on the exact location, job setting, education, and years of experience. Pharmacy technicians with more than ten years of experience can make up to $19.21 in Mississippi.

How long is pharmacy tech school in Mississippi?

The length of pharmacy technician school programs in Mississippi can vary based on the type of program and institution offering it. Generally, pharmacy technician programs can take anywhere from a few months to two years to complete.

At Accelerated Academy, our pharmacy technician programs are 10 weeks long, with online courses and self-paced coursework.

Why should I enroll in a pharmacy tech program?

Enrolling in a pharmacy tech program can significantly boost your employability and provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in the pharmacy field. Despite formal training not being a prerequisite in Mississippi, completing a program can make you stand out to potential employers, showing your dedication and proficiency in pharmacy practices.

Mississippi PTCB Certification Exam & Licensure Prep at Accelerated Academy

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