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Accelerated Academy holds three dental assisting courses per year. Each course is 10 weeks depending on what state you are enrolled in. The classes are eight hours and are held one day per week (Friday or Saturday). Our classes are interactive and engaging - we've developed a unique curriculum that makes space for both lecture and hands-on learning opportunities. All of our instructors are experienced dental professionals that are passionate and committed to the success of their students. They have been licensed by the state and are highly qualified.


Job Outlook

In the next 5 years, new dental assisting jobs are expected to grow at a 7% rate.


Median Hourly Pay

Starting pay is between $10 - $20 depending on your state and employer.


New Dental Assisting Jobs

Projected dental assisting jobs in the US from 2018-2028.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is class held?

Our dental assisting courses are held inside practicing dental offices. We want you to have a hands-on learning experience to prepare you for your new career as a dental assistant.

How much does it cost?

Tuition varies by course location, but we offer flexible payment plans to make paying for your course easy and affordable. In addition, many states also offer variations of funding opportunities.

What is unique about our learning experience?

We have designed a learning experience that utilizes technology and hands-on learning. Our online learning system makes the learning process convenient, while our hands-on learning methods provide real world experience that will prepare you for the actual working environment.

Why invest in a dental assisting course?

With a national median hourly pay at $18.59, you'll make back the money you spend on the course in no time. Not only that, but in the next 5 years, new dental assisting jobs are expected to grow at a 7% rate, creating ample opportunity for employment.

See what makes it affordable.

Pay As You Go

Accelerated Academy does not expect, nor do we require, our students to have the full tuition amount up front.

Achievable Payment Plans

Payment plans can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly to ensure your payment plan meets your financial needs.

Low Payments

Start your interest-free payment plan after your deposit and pay it off by the last week of class. The earlier you enroll, the more affordable your payments will be!

So, what will you learn?

By the end of the course, students will possess the skills and knowledge that dentists believe are essential for every dental assistant. Here are the main topics we cover:

Dental terminology and equipment
X-rays (conventional and digital)
Impressions and pour/trim models
Four-handed dentistry (operative, crown, bridge, oral surgery and root canals)
Basic process for updating patient health history
Room setup, breakdown, and sterilizing instruments
OSHA and HIPAA guidelines
Front desk operations
Seat and dismiss patients; including taking blood pressure
Career and life skills

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Dental Assistant