Dr. Testimonial - Tuscaloosa Alabama

Hosting a dental assisting school in your office can feel like a big undertaking. Here’s your chance to hear directly from one of our hosting partners about his thoughts on the program!

Dr. Paul Diaz, Tuscaloosa AL:

  • How would you say this partnership has helped you reach your growth goals?
  • "The nice thing is that it’s helped personally, financially. It’s a passive income. How much dentistry do you have to do to put that money in your pocket?? It has given me an income on Saturdays when we’re normally closed. Takes a facility that isn’t being utilized and now is."
  • How has this partnership been beneficial to you?
  • "Provided us with 4-5 hires, another big benefit. Allows us to screen potential employees, kind of like a free interview." 
  • Can you talk about the quality of the students you’ve hired?
  • "[When you have] the luxury of having them shadow, it becomes apparent quickly who are the keepers and who aren’t. Who is a giver and who is a taker. Who is truly interested and who isn’t. This is a weeding out process for us. Because we can weed out we get the [best] of the class. They are at the level you’d expect for the amount of training they have. They are competent at the level they are. They still need more training (no way to be as experienced as a two year employee) but they have a great base knowledge of what’s going on."
  • What pressures, if any, do you feel from this partnership?
  • "The participation days have helped the employees; if you have a really busy day, that’s the only time there’s interference. It helps having someone in our office teaching the class, they know the schedule, they know when it’s busy. Scheduling is the most difficult. [I have] nothing really negative to say."

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