Is Dental Assisting Right For You?

Are you looking for a career switch? Do you think Dental Assisting may be a long-term option for you? 

Dental assisting is a career choice that lasts! It provides you with important life skills, allows you to make lasting relationships with others, and gives you opportunity to grow in your field. Here are some things to ask yourself before you commit to a DA program!

Do you love interacting with people?

From patients to co-workers, this is a people-facing job. This is a huge plus for extroverts! As a dental assistant you'll meet so many people, and your patients are going to look forward to seeing you every time they visit the dentist.

If you love creating relationships and feel fulfilled when you get to help others, dental assisting may be for you!

Dental assistants are an integral part of every practice and without them, the practice would not be successful!

Can you keep your cool?

As with any profession, dental assisting comes with pressure too. Dental assistants need to be able to think on their toes in any situation. After all, patients trust dental assistants to get the job done well!

The ideal dental assistant can keep a level head while chairside with a patient. This is especially important because the health and safety of patients is a priority!

Are you organized and do you like having a set schedule?

Working in a practice requires time management! Although you'll have a schedule to stick to, this changes day in and day out. Dental assistants have to be able to shift gears and adjust when necessary!

If you answered "yes!" to these questions, then dental assisting is a great career choice for you! Overall, this career is incredibly rewarding and a path where you can truly grow. If you're interested in learning more or finding a location, get in touch with one of our admissions reps today to start something new!