Highlight: Career Services

Job searching and interviewing is difficult, and can be so discouraging. Education alone doesn't guarantee anyone a job--this is true for ALL education! Our team at Accelerated Academy saw this as an opportunity, and we decided to do all we can to put our students in a better position to find a job than they were when they started our course. In summer of 2020, we introduced our brand new Career Services Program as well as our Career Services Coach, Ashley Ouber, to give our students every opportunity to get hired!

What is the Career Services Program?

Career Services is two parts: your Career Coach, and the Career Services course in Canvas. Your coach Ashley is here to guide, mentor, and support you from the end of Class 3 through the job search and interviewing process! The course in Canvas teaches you everything you need to know about building your resume, creating an online professional appearance, searching and applying for jobs, and interview preparation.

Tell Me More About Ashley!

While you’re a student, Ashley will be your biggest fan! She loves to work with our students on a personal level and provide resources to help our students get hired. This also includes uplifting and encouraging messages when the job search gets hard! Everyone’s been there, and she helps our students stay strong and never give up. Additionally, we offer resume grading and resources on how to make your resume stand out. This is something that we do that many 10 week programs do not! Ashley's job is to give you all the resources you need to search for a job, prepare for your interview, and ultimately get hired!

What Can I Expect From The Career Services Course?

This course begins after class 3 and continues after graduation! It includes videos, activities, and content that cover resume building, creating a professional appearance online, searching for and applying for jobs, and interview prep. We get very specific in this course, with examples of what hiring managers like to see and personal feedback the entire time. The Career Services course isn’t mandatory, but the hiring rate from our class is much higher in those students who took the time to complete the modules and assignments. The bottom line: you're more likely to get hired when you use all of your resources!!!

How Else Do You Help Me Get Hired?

Included in the Canvas Course are state-specific Facebook support and hiring groups to join, hiring websites specifically for dental careers, and information on how to work in a different state than the one you took our classes in. Also, we consistently get dental offices reaching out to us in need of new hires. We immediately send these opportunities to graduates in those local areas. And finally, you have access to Ashley even after you graduate if you are still in need of guidance and resume help.

Accelerated Academy truly wants to see all of our students be successful after graduation. We're continuing to improve our program every single day, and are seeing our hiring rates improve dramatically due to these changes! Still want to know more or have a question that didn't get answered? Give us a call at (844) 727-3755!