6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pharmacy Tech Training School

Pharmacy technicians play an essential role in the wider healthcare system, doing everything from assisting pharmacists and their patients to managing drug inventories, processing insurance claims and forms, and ensuring that prescriptions are filled correctly. If you're considering a new career as a pharmacy tech, it's important to attend the right pharmacy tech training school so that you're prepared to take on the job's many duties and responsibilities.

Ask yourself these six questions as you decide on a pharmacy tech training school.

Does the Program Content Align With Your Goals?

Pharmacy tech training programs don't always follow the same curriculum as one another, with some focusing on different aspects of the job than others. For example, one program might be geared more toward the technical duties of pharmacy work, such as preparing medications and operating equipment, while another might instead focus on the administrative responsibilities of the job, such as processing insurance claims and organizing inventory.

Remember, there are many different pharmacy environments you may work in, each with its own unique set of daily duties and responsibilities. Choose a program with a curriculum that best aligns with your professional goals and with where, when, and how you want to work as a pharmacy tech.

Does the Program's Length and Format Meet Your Needs?

Students entering pharmacy tech training schools often have other essential responsibilities outside of school, including working and caring for a family. You'll want to choose a program that gives you the time and space you need to meet all of your obligations.

Consider each program's timeframe and format.

Are you eager to complete your training in a matter of months, or would you prefer to take your time in a longer, slower-paced program?

Do you feel comfortable learning entirely online, or would you thrive better in a more structured, in-person learning environment?

Is the Price Right?

The costs of attending a pharmacy tech training school vary from program to program. Education is a worthwhile investment, but it's wise to keep your finances in mind as you explore different options. Low-cost programs might not provide as much training or job placement assistance as more expensive ones, but a costlier program also isn't necessarily better in all cases.

As you compare programs, narrow down your options to those that offer your desired curriculum and career services while also remaining within your budget. Also, keep in mind that some schools may offer funding opportunities and interest-free payment plans to help ease the financial burden on students.

Are the Instructors Qualified?

In order to become a skilled and successful pharmacy tech, you'll need to learn from qualified and experienced pharmacy professionals during your training. Make sure that the instructors in your chosen program have a background in pharmacy, hands-on experience in the field, and all the relevant certifications and/or degrees.

It's also helpful to learn more about each program's student-to-instructor ratio, as well as how available instructors are outside of the classroom for additional help and feedback. They will be valuable resources during your training, so you'll want to find a program with knowledgeable and engaging instructors.

Does the Program Offer Career Guidance?

Navigating the job market can be challenging at every level and in every field. You will want to choose a pharmacy tech training program that offers robust career services, which can help you significantly as your training comes to an end and the job search begins.

Career services professionals are there to guide you through the entire process of building a resume, applying to jobs, interviewing, and getting hired as a new pharmacy tech. They know the industry, and it's their job to help you build the confidence and professionalism you will carry with you through interviews and into your first role.

Are Job Placement Resources Available?

In addition to guiding you through the job application process, career services professionals can also help you figure out where you want your career to take you and point you in the direction of relevant jobs based on your interests.

Look for a pharmacy tech program that offers different job placement resources. These might include access to pharmacy job recruiting avenues in your local area, as well as tips for networking. Some schools may even partner with companies within the industry and give you a more direct line to potential places to land your first job.

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